Moses’ Marathon for Mind – Training Reset.


So I know it’s been a little while since I posted on here, but I’ve had a lot going on and my life has been going a million miles an hour whilst I’ve been trying to readjust to my new routine.

Anyway, in this time, my training has complete gone on the back burner (I have still been doing cardio in the gym to keep my fitness levels up, but running as such, has been pretty non-existent).

So, now I am a bit more settled and in my routine and know where I’m at, I’ve decided to take a look at my training schedule for the marathon. It’s only 13 weeks to go until the marathon, so I really need to get a plan into action. I’ve decided to strip my plan back down to basics, I’ve decided on a roundabout target time for the marathon, and I’m going to work my training paces around that.

I will start updating my blog with training where I can again, and hopefully I’ll stick to it better this time, if everything slows down again!

Anyway, I just thought I would let you all know where I’m at with my training, and that I’m still here, and still VERY determined to get round that 26.2 miles come April!



Alcohol Free – The Why?

To be told as a 24 year old you can never drink alcohol again is a pretty big shock to the system, but in November 2015, that’s exactly what I was told by my psychiatrist.
As most people my age, I did enjoy going out with the girls on the weekends; getting dressed up and having a few glasses of wine and a dance about. It’s only when I look back now that I realise how dangerous alcohol really was for me…and how good it is for me to have it out of my life for good.
I still remember when my doctor told me I couldn’t drink anymore, ‘That’s it Laura. Never again.’ he said, ‘No more alcohol. Not even a toast on your graduation, and especially not your wedding day; because ultimately, it could kill you.’ And you know what, as grave as it sounds, that was the top and bottom of it, it could.
I didn’t have a drinking problem, far from it. Yes I liked to go out with the girls, and at one point in my life I probably went out a little too often. But I had curbed that habit. The ‘right now’, I went out maybe once a month, I had changed so much in my life, going out every so often was the little bit of ‘normal’ I still had that my bipolar hadn’t gotten a hold of and made me change yet.
But alcohol changed me. It sent me on such a high, making me so hyper, running about like a daft’un to a point people thought I was on more than just alcohol. Which might have been fine, to me. But it wasn’t fair on my friends who had to keep an eye on me to check where I was running about to. They’re nights out aren’t for babysitting Laura…
And then came the days after the night before’s, and that’s when it got dangerous for me…because what goes up, must come down. And didn’t I half come down. I didn’t get hangovers as such, but alcohol used to send me into a depressive state the next few days after a night out that it could very often spiral out of control. Many a times I often ended up, unfortunately, in a dangerous situation, simply because of a depressive that (I now see) could have triggered originally by the on set of alcohol.
This of course didn’t happen every time I drank, and not even necessarily after a particular heavy drinking session. There was no pattern to it. Which is why I never picked it up sooner. My parents and wider family did try to ask me to stop drinking many a time, but I always just laughed it off. It wasn’t until the reality check from my psychiatrist of the danger of what the alcohol was doing to me and my bipolar; making me more impulsive and triggering me, often in dangerous ways, that I realised that I had to listen, if I wanted to live.
I left that doctors room and I cried my eyes out.
Never again is an awfully long time.
But I knew I had to do it. It was as simple as that. I didn’t think it was going to be easy, but I’m a pretty determined person when I put my mind to it, so I knew I’d give it a pretty good go.
13 months later and not a single drop of alcohol has touched my lips since. It’s been surprisingly easier than I expected. I still go on nights out, I’ve been on a family holiday and brought my best friend along and we stayed out and danced all night. It’s just been another lifestyle change I’ve had to get used to with my bipolar disorder; like taking medication every day, for example.
I’ve honestly never felt better since eliminating alcohol. I don’t lose days and days after a night out. My anxiety is barely there. I don’t embarrass myself on nights out anymore. I save myself a lot of money from not drinking!
Yes, a lot of people pull their faces when I tell them I don’t drink, but I can cope with that for how much better I feel in myself!
If anyone is thinking of trying go to sober for a little while, I highly recommend it, its been amazing for me. My next blog post I’m going to write about how I’ve managed to do it for the last 13 months, and hopefully that will be able to give you all some pointers, should you want them!
Thank you for reading, I know it’s been a bit of a heavy one, but I just wanted to share with you the story behind why I don’t drink anymore!

Moses’ Marathon for Mind 5:26

As you may all know, I am moving to Cardiff in a few weeks, so life has suddenly gotten extremely busy for me! But this week, I was determined to get back at my running, no matter what. Life wasn’t getting in the way this week! (Although it did take me a couple of days to get into it, I won’t lie about that.)


Monday 21st November

 No running today, although I trained in the gym.

Tuesday 22nd November

No running today, although I trained in the gym.

 Wednesday 23rd November

 Today was my first run out in a couple of weeks. I was nervous, although I knew I wouldn’t have lost any fitness, I always get scared, just in case! I just a straight forward run tonight, just to get me back into it.

Total run tonight was 2.21miles.

Thursday 24th November

 Tonight was a threshold run. I did 4 x 10mins at threshold, with 2mins recovery jog in between, and a short warm-down jog at the end.

Total session was 5.13miles.

Friday 25th November

Rest day.

Saturday 26th November

Rest day.

Sunday 27th November 

Today was a 14mile run. This was petrifying for me; I’d never ran this far, ever. I’ve ran half-marathons plenty, just the thought of that extra half a mile, and in a training run really scared me! I had been so busy all day; I had started my packing for moving away so I didn’t get out until about 5pm. This is much later than what I like to get out for my long runs, but I knew I hadn’t been out for a long run in so long, so I had to attempt it at least!

I did attempt it, and I managed it!

I was on cloud 9…I couldn’t believe it! It was the furthest I had ever ran, and I even managed it in a decent time!

Total run was 14.00miles.


Feelings This Week 

It feels so good to be back running again this week and feeling strong doing so! Pushing though even though I’m busy and have so much to do! Running has always been my medicine and it’s really helping clear my head during a busy and stressful time of relocating and setting up home in a totally new area for me!

Weekly Total – 21.34miles


Moses’ Marathon for Mind 4:26

This week seemed to go even more to pot than last week, but I had very important life things on this week; prep for interviews and travelling to Cardiff for the interviews, so this week life really did just get in the way.


Monday 14th November – Sunday 20th November

This week I had my interviews in Cardiff for my new job, so I had a lot of prep to do, as well as travelling down to Cardiff. That meant I could manage a couple of training session in the gym this week, but no running unfortunately.


Feelings This Week

As last week, life has gotten in the way. But I’m OK with it. Big changes are coming, and I needed to prep for this interview. I needed to be the best I could for my time down Cardiff so that I could go in ready, and I did! I know a couple of weeks off won’t push me back too much, and I will get back into it as soon as I can. It’s not like I am having the time off to be lazy completely, I am having the time off because I have to do other things.

I will get back to it, I know I will.

Weekly Total – 0.00miles

Moses’ Marathon for Mind 3:26

So before this week, I’ve been having amazing runs, amazing training sessions and just in general, everything has been going really well. It was obvious it wasn’t going to keep up like that.

I’ve had my puppy to look after this week and have been away for training with work, so although I’ve been able to train in the gym, I haven’t able to run as much as I would have liked to…at all. You will see as you read. But, these things happen and that’s just how it is. The running I did do however, was very good!


Monday 7th November 

Rest day after running 11 miles yesterday.


Tuesday 8th November

Running with the Harriers today.

Warm-up – 1 mile run.

Main Session – Track Session – 7 x 400m efforts with 1 minute recovery walks. I managed to keep the 400m’s pretty consistent at around 1.25-1.30mins each.

Cool Down – 1 mile run.

I absolutely loved this session. It was a proper lung-pusher but it was great to get out with a different group on the track and push myself with them. I couldn’t keep up but it was good to see what my targets could be for the new year!

The full session was 4.20miles.


Wednesday 9th November

 In Manchester with work so unable to train at all.


Thursday 10th November

Puppy sitting, so lots of walking but no running.


Friday 11th November

 Puppy sitting, so lots of walking but no running.


Saturday 12th November

Puppy sitting, so lots of walking but no running.


Sunday 13th November

No running.


Feelings This Week

As you can see, I only actually got out for the one run this week (I still trained in the gym) so I’m feeling a little deflated. But, the run I did do was absolutely mint and I worked really hard at it, so I suppose that’s a definite positive?

I still trained when I could, and that’s what counts!

Weekly Total – 4.20miles

Moses’ Marathon for Mind 2:26

So somehow I’ve only just realised that my training plan is 26 weeks long, and I’ve training to run 26 miles, weird ey? Ha. Anyway, 2nd week of training has gone really well, definitely got the running bug back! Incorporating it with my weight training as well is keeping it fun for me and keeping it fresh for my body and my mind!


Monday 31st October

Today was another rest day as we were travelling back from Glasgow…but my boy Bieber was AMAZING!


Tuesday 1st November

Tonight was the Harriers and we did the Prospect Loops.

So, we ran the 1miles down to where the session was going to be. Then it was 3 x 1km loops of efforts. These 1kms were pretty difficult as there was a gradual hill into a steep hill about ¾ of the way in which really took it out of you, but then it finished on a nice downhill!

Then it was a 1mile run back for the cool down.

The full session was 4.49miles.


Wednesday 2nd November

 Tonight was a Threshold run, as last week, but for 30mins this week; and I managed 3.25miles in that time.


Thursday 3rd November

 This morning was a recovery run of 2miles.


Friday 4th November

 Today was 25mins of easy running into HIIT sprints.

The sprint session was 10 x 45secs efforts with 10 x 45secs walking recovery.

The total session covered 5.21miles.


Saturday 5th November

 Today was a rest day.


Sunday 6th November

 Today was my long run. I drove down to South Shields and ran along to Roker and back, a total of 11 miles. I battled through wind, rain, hailstones and was even lucky enough to get about 5 minutes of sun! But I did it!! It was a character builder to say the very least!


Feelings This Week

 Feeling strong again this week, really enjoying all of the different types of run I’m getting to try with this plan and running with the Harriers too. Fingers crossed I can keep this up for the foreseeable future!

 Weekly Total – 25.95miles

Moses’ Marathon for Mind 1:26

So here it is, the first week of my ‘official’ marathon training (I’ve been running for a few weeks already, but I’m officially starting a plan this week!) and I’m a little bit petrified! However, the scaredy cat inside of me is being completely squashed by how excitable I am! Here goes, week 1 of 26…

(Just to note, these blog posts will only be documenting my runs, not any weight training I am doing in the gym, which will be 3-5 times a week depending on how I feel and how my schedule is around it. Predominantly, I will be making sure I fit my runs in first!)


Monday 24th October

Today’s run was just a slow recovery run; a simple 2.02miler round mine to stretch my legs off after my event at the weekend after cycling/rowing for hours on end (fundraising event for the marathon).


Tuesday 25th October

Tonight was with the Harriers and was ‘Lake Minutes’.

This meant we did a set of 4 x 1 minute effort/1 minute recovery walk in a loop, and repeated this for 16 minutes. We also had a 1 mile warm-up and 1 mile cool-down. The full session was 4.58miles.


Wednesday 26th October

 Today was a Threshold Run. And this was where my inner geek got to come out and play!

So, I worked out my 10 mile pace, and from there worked out the BPM of music I would need. It worked out about 165-170bpm. I then downloaded some music that was at this speed.

Then, I just had to keep my feet at this beat for 25minutes. I managed 2.91miles!


Thursday 27th October

Harriers again tonight, and I got to do a track session! As I used to be a sprinter, I feel like the track is my home, so I was so excited about this!

First, we did a 1 mile warm-up jog.

Then, it was 4 x 800m efforts with 3mins recovery in between. I managed to keep my pacing at around about 3.30mins for all 4 of these, which I was really pleased about for my first attempt!

Then we had another short jog for our cool down.

The full session was 4.10miles.


Friday 28th October

Today was my first long run of my training plan, and 10 miles! I did a simple out and back where I just ran 5 miles straight out from my house and turned round and came back! Kept it simple as it was late and dark after work!


Saturday 29th October

 I travelled up to Glasgow today so had today as a rest day!


Sunday 30th October

Today was Bieber day, so another rest day as I went to dance about and finally see the boy of my dreams! Hahah!


Feelings This Week

First week done, and surprisingly feeling strong! Feeling really proud of myself for pushing through that 10miler on Friday night! And also that Threshold Run as I’ve never done anything like that before. Really looking forward to what the next few months have to offer!

Weekly Total – 23.63 miles